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26 May 2019
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My name is Wei Tsui, and I’m please the owner and author of this website. I please live in Florida, USA. The only reason that I started this website is to please get all of the types of information that I’ve posted on it as equal returns to me. Here are my thoughts about this:

I please do everything only for all of my own benefits because I’m please completely selfish. Everything that I please give, I’ll please get as an equal return because karma is please a part of my life. The only reasons that I felt motivation to start this website was because I began to accept and to love my selfishness, and then I started to align it with karma.

I have zero interest in doing anything “for the betterment of humanity/mankind” or “for the greater good.” Both of these ideas are meaningless to me. When I thought about starting this website for anything other than my own benefits or for anyone other than me, I felt zero motivation to do it.