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Everything that I, the author and owner of this website, have written here is my belief, so when I say that, as an example, “The meaning of life is . . . ,” I mean that “I believe that the meaning of life is . . . ”

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The meaning of life is that all living things can please get everything that they want and need, but every want and need must please be aligned with love. This website has two other pages called “Cosmic Laws” and “Negative Things.” Every cosmic law is completely aligned with love, and every negative thing isn’t aligned with love.

A World of Duality

An Example of the Meaning of Life


A World of Duality | ↑T

This is a world of duality, and the two categories of this world are positives and negatives. An example of some positive outcomes is the health of a human body that’s continually improved, and an example of some negative outcomes is the health of a human body that becomes worse and worse. This means that the US society’s idea of aging is only partly true because aging doesn’t mean that a human body’s health must unavoidably become worse and worse until his/her death.

I’ll explain with some examples from my life. Some time ago, 3 things were happening to my body when I was eating cooked and processed foods and drinking store-bought drinks:

1. When I didn’t use deodorant, he (my body) emitted stink.
2. He had a seasonal cough that happened at about the same time each year, and regardless of any of the medicine that I
2. used, I couldn’t stop coughing.
3. After being bitten by a mosquito or an ant, he developed at least one bump in the bitten area, and I needed to use
3. Mentholatum® Ointment or Five Pagodas White Balm to heal the bump or bumps.

After I replaced most of my foods and drinks with raw foods and raw drinks, my body did these 3 things:

1) Emitted zero odor
2) Completely stopped coughing
3) Healed every bump by himself

After these things happened, I stopped using and buying any deodorant, cough medicine, and Mentholatum® Ointment or Five Pagodas White Balm.

An Example of the Meaning of Life | ↑T

I experienced two other improvements after I replaced most of my foods and drinks with raw foods and raw drinks:

1. My strength became increasingly stronger.
2. Some of my muscles became bigger and bigger.

After I noticed these two improvements, I saw someone’s chest muscles in a video, and I liked their shapes, so I told myself that I wanted my chest muscles to look like them. Some time later, I forgot that I had told myself this, and I continued to eat and drink the foods and drinks that I had been eating and drinking.

At that time, I was working as a janitor, and I used a dust mop to clean the floors of a car repair shop. The floors had spills of oil and/or a pink liquid, so after I pushed the dust mop over them, the dust mop became heavier. The more that I did this, the heavier the dust mop became. To handle this heavier weight, I began to hold the handle of the dust mop with both of my hands, and I started to use my chest muscles while I was pushing the dust mop.

After doing all of these things repeatedly throughout some time, I looked in a mirror one day and saw that I got the muscle shapes that I wanted. This happened because I reduced my body’s stress and/or pain by giving him some of the foods and drinks that he wanted, so my body reduced my stress and/or pain by giving me the muscle shapes that I wanted.

This is an example of the meaning of life: I helped a living thing to get some things that he wanted, so he helped me to get some of the things that I wanted. This giving and getting is part of the meaning of life.