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Everything that I, the author and owner of this website, have written here is my belief, so when I say that, as an example, “A cosmic law (CL) is . . . ,” I mean that “I believe that a cosmic law (CL) is . . . ”

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What’s a Cosmic Law (CL)?

1. Having/Containing Law (HCL)

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1. An Example of HCL

2. Multiple Functions Law (MFL)

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2. An Example of MFL

3. Minimizing Law (ML)

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What’s a Cosmic Law (CL)? | ↑T

A cosmic law (CL) is a rule that’s been true from when this cosmos was first built, it’s true now, and it will forever be true. Every CL is true at all times, in every situation, and everywhere in this cosmos; it also applies to every existing thing, living and non-living. These are the reasons that I call this type of law a “cosmic” law. Each CL is completely aligned with love because its eternal consistency represents complete trustworthiness and complete reliability.

I’ve numbered them in the order that I noticed them. This means that I noticed CL1 first, CL2 second, etc.

1. Having/Containing Law (HCL) | ↑T

CL1 is the “Having/Containing Law (HCL)”: just because anyone or anything has/contains something, this doesn’t determine a positive or negative outcome, but how this something is used does determine a positive or negative outcome.

Story | ↑T

The first time that I noticed HCL was when I was watching a cartoon about two giants. I’ve forgotten if their names were mentioned, so I’ll please call them “Eart” and “Meteo.” Eart competed with Meteo to cut down more trees, and Eart had an ax that was built by using some things that were only from Earth, but Meteo had an ax with an ax head that was built from part or all of a meteorite. Before the competition, Eart used his ax to replace Meteo’s ax without Meteo’s permission, but during the competition, Meteo was doing better than Eart. Because of this, Eart accused Meteo of having stolen Eart’s ax, but Meteo replied with something like this: “Who ‘has’ whose ax doesn’t matter.” They exchanged axes, and then Meteo won.

An Example of HCL | ↑T

Here’s an example of HCL applied to some human laws: All laws that are used to protect anyone from racism and sexism and to protect anyone from prejudice against age, beliefs, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, and skin color are aligned with HCL because a person only “having” one or more differences in his/her body, on his/her body, and/or in his/her life doesn’t determine a negative or positive outcome because if it does, then, as an example, every Asian or homosexual in this world will always do something negative, such as hurt an innocent person or damage something that belongs to an innocent person, but I haven’t seen this happen even once.

2. Multiple Functions Law (MFL) | ↑T

CL2 is the “Multiple Functions Law (MFL)”: everything that exists in this cosmos has multiple functions. The definition of “multiple” that I’m using is “consisting of, including, or involving more than one,” [1] so by “multiple functions,” I mean “more than one function.”

Story | ↑T

The first time that I noticed something having more than one function was on March 26, 1989. During that day, I thought that I would be able to watch a cartoon that was shown later that night, but I got a better gift:

My mom had locked herself in her and my dad’s bedroom. My dad couldn’t get in, so he used his body to slam open the door. He went inside, and I followed him. I saw that my mom’s face was purple, and then I saw that she had wrapped a telephone cord around her neck. I felt surprise because I learned that a telephone cord had more than one function. This was when I started to think about the idea of more than one function.

I felt sadness because I thought that my mom would die, but I was wrong. My dad used a pair of scissors to cut off the cord, so my mom was saved. Because my dad did this, he proved that HCL was true at that time: just because the situation contained everything that my mom needed so that she could end her life, this didn’t determine the negative outcome that she would end her life. My dad used a pair of scissors to affect the outcome, so he changed it into a positive outcome.

An Example of MFL | ↑T

I noticed that the cartoon about two giants had 3 functions:

1) I was given an opportunity to notice HCL.
2) I use my memories of this cartoon to remind myself that HCL is true: just because the information about HCL was
2) “contained” in a cartoon, this didn’t determine a positive or negative outcome.
3) My self-respect is aligned with HCL, so I please know that I have zero interest in anyone who uses the underestimating
3) and condescending attitude that cartoons are only for kids.

3. Minimizing Law (ML) | ↑T

CL3 is the “Minimizing Law (ML)”: the most effective way of getting anything done is to please minimize the amount, number, or both of everything—living and non-living—that’s involved in getting it done.

My Body’s Own Remedy | ↑T

On the main page of this website, I said that after I replaced most of my foods and drinks with raw foods and raw drinks, I was able to stop using any deodorant, cough medicine, and bug-bite medicine, but I didn’t mention that I got another benefit:

I was experiencing soreness in my throat, and before this happened, I had started to experiment with drinking some of my urine because I read that someone had gained a health benefit by drinking his/her urine, so after I felt the soreness in my throat, I drank some of my urine. When my urine touched my throat, I felt instant relief from the soreness that I don’t remember ever feeling when I’ve used any other remedy, and I liked the taste of my urine at that time. This meant that I didn’t need to buy anything, such as medicine, to reduce the soreness in my throat.

My urine was improved to the point that I could use it as a remedy because I gave my body increasingly more of the foods and drinks that he needed and wanted. This was 100% aligned with ML because before I started to change some of my foods and drinks, I needed to buy six different types of products: (1) foods, (2) drinks, (3) deodorant, (4) cough medicine, (5) bug-bite medicine, and (6) throat medicine, but after I started to change some of my foods and drinks, and the more that I changed them, I was able to minimize the types of products that I needed to buy from six to two: (1) foods and (2) multiple ingredients to prepare all of my drinks.

Source | ↑T

1. “multiple.” Merriam-Webster. URL. Date of Access 8 Feb. 2018.